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Teak Publishing Company 

P.O. Box 297

Brasstown NC 28902


For Immediate Release                                                                                     


Friday, May 1, 2020


Teak Publishing Launches Official Web Site


As one of the leading radio hobby publishers with five active title lines in circulation, Teak Publishing has now launched their official company Web site which provides a single source for all available Teak Publishing publications.


The Web site ( is a single source for all Teak Publishing books including an ever-growing back catalog of publications that readers have requested be re-published. 


“In the last seven years, we have scattered information across three blogs, two twitter accounts, and several email addresses,” says Larry Van Horn, President of Teak Publishing. “This centralizes the focus so that if you want to find any of our publications we have a single place to find them.  It allows us to provide not only our new releases but our entire back catalog.  Our readers have asked us to bring back some of our previous releases and this allows us to do that.”


“We have so much available for the world listener, whether you are in to utilities, medium wave or shortwave,” says Gayle Van Horn, CEO of Teak Publishing. “Having a single place to point all of our readers for our publications, updates and more is something that we are very excited to be announcing.”


In addition to launching the new Web site, Teak Publishing has launched an official Teak Publishing Twitter feed to provide up-to-the-minute news and information on Teak releases and announcements.


“For the better part of a decade, Gayle and Larry have accumulated large followings on Twitter on their personal accounts,” says Teak Publishing Marketing Director, Loyd Van Horn. “Now, they can bring those followers directly to new release information for Teak publications through this company account.  It helps us streamline our communication strategy so that official announcements have a single outlet to originate from.”


Gayle Van Horn hopes that through this Web site and the publications that can be found on it, radio hobbyists are able to have easier access to the information they need to get the most out of the hobby.


“I always hope that our publications are able to enhance their enjoyment and knowledge of the hobby,” she says.  “I hope they can hear things that maybe they have never heard before.  Just look at the events that are happening around the world, hopefully our information can give them a front row seat to experience these events first-hand and our Web site can be the conduit for them to find it.”


Teak Publishing was founded in 2013 by Gayle and Larry Van Horn, two highly respected names in the radio monitoring hobby.  In the past seven years, Teak has cemented itself as one of the premier names for publishing of radio monitoring-focused Kindle e-Books. 


Larry began writing for Monitoring Times, a magazine devoted to all aspects of radio monitoring, in the early 1980s. During that time, he also published several books such as Communications Satellites and later was editor for a magazine devoted to satellite communications, Satellite Times. His highly popular Utility World and Milcom monthly columns cemented his reputation as a leading authority on all things around military communications and non-broadcast transmissions on the shortwave radio bands. In addition to his writing duties, he was associate editor for much of the 2000s until Monitoring Times ceased publication in 2013.


Gayle too began writing for Monitoring Times in the mid-1980s writing monthly columns for reader submitted QSL and logging information for shortwave broadcast radio along with tips for listeners.  Later, she took on the task of managing the Monitoring Times Shortwave Frequency Guide.  Long considered the “TV Guide” of shortwave radio, this monthly listing of all English language (and later, added non-English) broadcasts by International broadcasters was a required companion for any serious shortwave listener.  


Teak Publishing has a current rotation of five titles in publication:  Global Radio Guide, International Air Show Guide, The Milcom Files, International Callsign Handbook, and North American Enroute Aviation Guide. 


Teak Publishing is based in Brasstown, North Carolina.

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