During times of emergency and crisis, radio hobbyists worldwide turn on their radios and tune to the shortwave radio spectrum for context, perspective, and insight into what is happening around the globe. As tensions heat up in the world’s hotspots, you can follow these events on radio, and you need an accurate and comprehensive radio guide to hear the action.


Teak Publishing is proud to announce the release of that all-important radio resource – the Global Radio Guide (GRG), 14th edition (Summer 2020) e-book, by Amazon bestselling author Gayle Van Horn, W4GVH. The book was formerly known as the International Shortwave Broadcast Guide.

New in this 14th edition of the GRG is an article on monitoring worldwide weather facsimile transmissions on shortwave. Another feature focuses on how to direction find HF stations using the network of radios by Mike Chace-Ortiz. Tom Witherspoon takes an AirSpy HF+ Discovery into the field and shows us how we can truly operate a portable receiving station. The Spectrum Monitor’s Fred Waterer checks in with a feature on summer shortwave radio programming.


There is also an introductory article on Software Defined Radios, an updated SDR buyers guide, and an in-depth equipment review on the new SDRPlay RSPdx SDR. This edition also has introductory articles on Traveling the World via Shortwave Radio Broadcasts, Monitoring the Shortwave Action Bands, and a completely updated Teak Hot 1100+ worldwide utility station HF frequency list.

I defy anyone with an interest in SW radio not to find something of interest in this fine publication 

David Harris, Radio User


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