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Winter 2021-22

On any given day, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) fueled by a meteoric rise in the country's economics, politics, the covid pandemic, cyber security and human rights issues, Beijing Winter 2022 Olympics, and a strident expansion of the country’s military forces dominates global news headlines and news cycles.


These headlines includes China’s recent tensions with Taiwan, that are said to be the worst in forty years, and its other neighbors in the South China Sea region. As China’s influence continues to expand worldwide, so has the country’s huge radio broadcast services. Local, regional, and international mediumwave and shortwave networks carry news and programming to audiences around the world. Since these services are government sponsored you are hearing the China’s Communist Party’s (CCP) perspective of worldwide events as they unfold. Topping the list of the country’s media outlets is China Radio International (CRI) the largest and most widely heard station in China.


For those who want to follow all the ongoing story lines originating from the PRC, Gayle Van Horn’s 17 th Edition of her Amazon bestselling Global Radio Guide (Winter 2021-22) has all the details you need to monitor all the radio services from the Land of the Red Dragon.

 - Radio World Magazine

I defy anyone with an interest in SW radio not to find something of interest in this fine publication 

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