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Teak Publishing Company 

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For Immediate Release                                                                    

Thursday, February 17, 2022


The 2021 Milcom Files - TSM Edition - Now

Available on Amazon


Recent world events continue to draw many radio listeners into their radio shacks to tune in on the action using their shortwave radios. software-defined radios, and programmable VHF/UHF scanners. In many cases monitoring the HF/VHF/UHF radio spectrum offers the radio hobbyist an opportunity to hear what is really going on behind the scenes without the filters imposed by news media outlets. Most radio listeners quickly learn that when the world has a crisis, disaster
or tensions rise between countries, the military will usually be the first organization called upon to intervene. It pays to monitor military frequencies when international events heat up.

There is a big radio frequency spectrum out there to monitor if you know where to listen, you can eavesdrop on some of the most fascinating radio communications you will hear on a scanner or shortwave radio.

In this regard, the Teak Publishing Company is pleased to announce the release of their latest eBook in the TSM Milcom Archive series – The Spectrum Monitor Volume 5 (2021) by Amazon best-selling author Larry Van Horn.

Some of the topics covered in this new book during 2021 include:
• The World of Strange Military Stations
• Military Callsigns
• US Coast Guard 911 Network and Monitoring Coast Guard Cutters
• Monitoring UHF Military Satellites and DoD Defense Satellite Network
• Military Land Mobile Radio Systems Primer
• Monitoring Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) including frequencies and callsigns
• NTIA GMF Release and HF – VHF – UHF frequencies
• Bonus Material: The Spectrum Monitor 2021 Air Show Guide
• Bonus Material – The Teak Action Bands (LW-MW-HF) Military Frequency List – Hundreds of discrete U.S. and some foreign military frequencies.

The latest Milcom Files - TSM Milcom edition 226-page eBook is available now on Amazon at for just US$4.99.

Larry Van Horn N5FPW, has been a radio hobbyist for more than 58 years listening to world events and monitoring military radio communications. He has spent over 40 years documenting activity in the military radio spectrum in his monthly Satellite, Utility World, and Milcom (Military Communications) columns in the pages of Monitoring Times, Satellite Times, and now The Spectrum Monitor magazines.

During this time, he has published a treasure trove of military communication monitoring information. All his early MT columns have been published into two e-Books by Teak Publishing. The first two books in the Milcom Files series cover his columns published in Monitoring Times and have previously been published at Amazon. Book one of The Milcom Files covers the columns published from 1998 to 2006 and Book Two covers the period 2007 to 2013.

In 2017 Larry joined the Spectrum Monitor writing staff where he continues to chronicle military monitoring in his monthly TSM Milcom column. Now he is publishing all his monthly TSM Milcom columns (2017-2021) at Amazon in the Kindle eBook format. All the books in The Milcom Series archives are available at


If you are interested in monitoring military comms. own a scanner, shortwave radio, or have an Internet connection for web software-defined radio (SDR) monitoring, then the Milcom Files are a must reference for the radio library shelf.

For additional information on this and other Teak Publishing radio hobby books is available on the company website at Information on other publications by the Larry is available on his author’s page at Amazon

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